New Year, New Opportunities

For some time, we have had the feeling of wanting to change our life, without having a precise idea.

The global situation that we have all been experiencing for about 2 years has helped to accelerate this desire and to make decisions.


At the end of 2020, we have chosen to jump into the unknown and put our Domain Résidence La Roseraie, our vacation rentals, and our main residence up for sale.


During last year, a Great opportunity has been presented to us.


After intensive months (between the summer season, our restaurant and the preparation of the sale of our Domaine), mid-November 2021, we finally signed the sale deed.


At the same time, we were looking for another house to live.


It was not very easy to find new place that suited us; within our budget, preferably in the Dordogne, an old house with a Soul, natural water (a Spring, pond), wooded area, Quiet surroundings, possibilities to create vacation rentals, ...

Yes... there were a lot of things we were asking for.


And yet it was possible !

We found the place !


Recently, we live there :-)

There is work to do : Who says Old (17th), says restoration/rehabilitation.

 In the coming months, we are going to start the works, in order to be able to open the doors from 2023 to welcome our Guests.


Will you be there too?


In the meanwhile :

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And for Now:

We wish you All the best for 2022 !

Take care of YourSelf.


A Bientôt !

Marc and Denise